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I’m a 20 something, minnesota born & raised wedding + event planner who is always looking for her newest friend. I collect friendships like some people collect coins, cards or other knickknacks; I look for them often + cherish them when I find one. I am a tea girl but somehow always convince myself that I won’t regret choosing coffee instead (+ indeed regret it later), I can usually be found at a Starbucks pickup counter or in line at a Culvers drive thru. 

I am a feel good girl to my core. The first look is my favorite part of a wedding day, handwritten vows will make me happy cry and I ALWAYS text my dad when “Shout!” by Otis day and the Knights starts to play (it’s our song). Sunday night family dinners are a must, I am the proud owner of a hallmark movie subscription and happy endings are my favorite. 

& I cannot wait to be apart of yours. 

hello. I'm Mariah.

welcome to my world. 

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I have been a planner my entire life. It is my God-given gift. 

From four course family dinner menus, vacation itineraries, weekend trip reservations for friends and family. I am wired to plan, organize + execute; but I never had an intention of making it my career. I still remember the day my mama asked me “if you could do one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?” She always instilled in my sister and I that life is too short to feel like you are working everyday when you could be doing something you enjoy. 

As a high schooler I started at the bottom; volunteering my evenings after school and entire weekends I wanted to be as close as I could to event + wedding excitement. I cleared plates, held open doors, folded napkins and restocked paper products in the bathroom. 

You could call me wedding obsessed. I won’t blame you. 

Now here I am. I am many years and late nights later I am living a life I didn’t think was possible (well… for anyone other than J-LO) “Dream Job” is a total understatement. Everyday that I am getting to do what I love oh, so much is a gift. My hope is that every couple that we are able to serve as a client becomes a friend. + I mean that with my whole heart! 

I don’t just want to execute your day. I want to serve you. To take the pressure off of the details and planning so that you can be present in your engagement. Present to dream about the future, pray about your plans and seek wisdom from those that have already walked this journey ahead of you. Because to me it is more about the day we spend celebrating together; it is about the lifetime that follows. Being able to serve you so you can prepare for that, is to us, a priceless thing. 

I want you to look back on your wedding planning journey and remember the deep conversations, the rich prayers, the hopeful dreaming and being able to map back to “where _____ started”. The dream. The hope. The prayer. All of it. 

If you do it right, you only get one engagement + one wedding. And I believe, if you spend that time focusing on the important stuff and letting us stress over the details of your day, that “one” will be more than enough. 

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

Here's my Story. 

Here's my heart.